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Senior Travel Made Easy!

Senior Travel Central is here to help with all facets of travel with, you, the senior traveler in mind.

We are not a Travel Agency; we are a Travel Resource!

We are here as a travel guide to information, resources and recommendations for your journeys.

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or you delayed your travels until now, the information here will make your travel planning simple in every way.

We will help you find:

  • The best travel groups for seniors 
  • Travel groups for women 
  • Travel clubs
  • Walking tours 
  • Best travel deals 
  • Best travel destinations 
  • How to find long stay vacations cheap 
  • Travel planning tips 
  • Travel safety tips

 Travel Resources

Travel Groups for Seniors
Travel Groups

Find The Best Travel Groups for Seniors.

A Great Way for Seniors To Have Companionship While Traveling.

Travel Clubs for Seniors
Travel Clubs

Find Travel Clubs for Seniors in Your Area.

Clubs Often Find Great Travel Vacation Deals For Seniors.

Senior Walking Tours
Walking Tours

Find Walking Tours for Seniors.

Walking/Hiking Tours Offer a Slower Pace to Take In The Sights.

Best Travel Deals for Seniors
Deals & Discounts

Find The Best Travel Deals & Discounts for Seniors.

Best Travels Destinations for Seniors
Best Destinations

Find The Best Travel Destinations for Seniors.

Long Stay Vacations for Seniors
Long Stay Vacations

Discover Long Stay Vacations Available for Seniors.

Snowbird Lifestyle
Snowbird Lifestyle

Everything Seniors
Need To Know About
The "Snowbird Lifestyle"

How To Be a Snowbird.

Travel Planning Tips
Travel Planning

The Best Travel Planning Tips.

Planning Can Prepare for Smooth Travels.

Travel Safety Tips
Travel Safety

Travel Tips to Keep You Safe.

Security During Our Travels Is a Must.

Our Personal Travels
Find The Best Activities & Things To Do

Stowe Vermont
Stowe, VT

Stowe, VT
for Seniors

Discover The
Many Things To Do
In Stowe

Rutland Vermont
Rutland, VT

Rutland, VT
for Seniors.

Discover The
Many Things To Do
In Rutland

Wells Maine
Wells, ME

Wells, ME
for Seniors

Discover The
Many Things To Do
In Wells

Ogunquit Maine
Ogunquit, ME

Ogunquit, ME
for Seniors

Discover The
Many Things To Do
In Ogunquit

Cape Cod
Cape Cod, MA

Cape Cod, MA
for Seniors

Coming Soon!

Find some of the best senior vacations and destinations with your ideals in mind such as the best senior travel deals, transportation, passports when needed, travel insurance, safety, health restriction travel plans and senior handicapped travel. 

Perhaps we can help you whether you plan to travel alone, or with a senior travel partner, or with any of the numerous senior travel groups.  

In short, we hope to provide you with the knowledge to become savvy travelers with nothing to hold you back, ready for many enjoyable trips.

When asked, What are you going to do when you retire or now that you’re retired?”

The most frequent response is, “Spend more time with grandchildren and travel”.

You take care of the grandchildren and we’ll take care of your travels!

Jim & Ruth Picture 2021Jim & Ruth June 2021,
70 years young.

My husband, Jim, and I are seniors who enjoy travel. We will share our personal first hand experiences and the first hand experiences of others. 

Learn from these experiences about destinations, restaurant reviews, do’s and don’ts, even things we forgot about or overlooked to make a more enjoyable experience.

Travel is our reward for having more free time. It is fun and can be a major incentive to stay healthy.

We can visit family and friends including reconnecting with some who we haven’t seen in a long time. 

Travel keeps us active. It is wonderful for brain health because of the new experiences.

Use our information for your personal travel planner (assistant) to plan your trip and answer all of your questions. 

Not all travelers are created equal. Some will have very little limitations while others will have more.

You will find resources here to make your travel dreams easy no matter what level you are.

Get insights into handicapped accessible travel issues such as hotels, resorts, cruises, restaurants, even beaches.

Here are some of the topics we plan to include as we build this website. 

We hope you come back often as our information grows and expands to help with your travel plans!

Our Travels

Learn from our first hand experiences with reviews, tips, things-to-do and recommendations.

Areas we covered so far:

Stowe Vermont for Seniors

Rutland Area Vermont for Seniors

Wells Maine for Seniors

Ogunquit Maine for Seniors

Upcoming Areas coming soon:

Cape Cod Mass. for Seniors

Burlington Vermont for Seniors

Montpelier Vermont for Seniors

Planning Your Next Trip

How to plan your trips/travels to get the most enjoyment for your memories. Planning for smooth hassle free vacations, getaways, long term stays.

Here's 25 Best Travel Tips for Seniors.

Best Senior Travel Deals

Find the best deals for senior travels whether it be on a budget or a luxurious cruise or resort.

Best Senior Travel Deals

Senior Group Travel

Discover unique senior travel groups, travel clubs, travel partners or traveling alone.

More info on Travel Groups for Seniors

Senior women have always enjoyed traveling.

Whether it be solo or with family or with friends, group travel could be just what you are looking for. 

More info on Travel Groups for Women.

Senior Travel Clubs

Travel Clubs can be a great resource for your travels. You may find new friends in the club at the club meetings. The advantages of clubs may be discounts, travel destination information and advice from experienced travelers.

More info on Travel Clubs for Seniors

Walking Tours for Seniors

Walking Tours for Seniors can be a simple tour of a city, town, an attraction or a guided walking tour with local guides or a group vacation tour as short as a day or much longer.

Older travelers have found that walking or hiking at a slower pace often enables them to witness the natural beauty and spectacular views of a destination.

More Info on Walking Tours for Seniors

Transportation Choices to Start

Choose your travel via transportation mode such as car, bike, boat, RV, train or plane.

Safety Always a Must

Consider your safety such as your medical insurance cards, avoiding scams, prescriptions, hospital locations.

More info on Safety Travel Tips for Seniors

So Many Destination Possibilities

Deciding on the destination possibilities of international travel or domestic locations that are attractive and accommodating to seniors.

Find the Best Travel Destinations For Seniors

Types of Travel to Consider

Discover various types of travel including:

  • Long Stay Vacations
  • Camping
  • Adventure Travel
  • RVing
  • Cruises
  • Resorts
  • House Exchanges
  • Weekend Get-Aways
  • Day Trips
  • Tours

Insurance, A Valuable Safeguard to Avoid a Bleak Outcome

Information on travel insurance and why it is so important for seniors, what it covers and doesn’t cover, when to purchase a policy to protect the possibility of cancellations.

Ready to Pack Your Bags, Let’s get started!