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Long Stay Vacations for Seniors

Long stay vacations for seniors are great opportunities such as Extended Tours, Long Stay Rentals, Month Long Cruises, RV Travel, Extended Learning Travel, Volunteer Long Term Stays, Work and Live vacations.

The senior years are the perfect time for extended stay in the best places of the United States, North America and even the entire globe.

These opportunities are extremely popular among older adults with flexible schedules especially in the winter months with the warm weather.

The advantages of saving money on travel expenses and spending more time in a different climate or at a different location from home allure many senior travelers.

In many instances you will have more time on vacation and less time getting there.

As seniors, travel itself can sometimes seem like a hassle. Air travel is no longer as simple as it once was.

The highways are more congested. Driving may be more tiresome.

When you travel with a long term stay intended all of this can seem more worthwhile.

Most of us older travelers have worked hard and deserve to treat ourselves to the joys of travel.

Gone are the days when we are required to remain at home due to work or family responsibilities.

There is a saying that a boat is safest in the harbor but that is not where a boat belongs.

It is time to experience more life adventures such as golf courses, water sports, skiing, kayaking, hiking and how about horseback riding.

We hope to help you find the type of long stay vacations best for you.

Extended Tours as Long Stay Vacations for Seniors

Extended tours are probably one of the best kinds of long stay vacations for seniors. A major plus is that all of the planning is done for you.

There are travel groups for seniors which offer small group experiences and social opportunity to make new friends. The choices of tours custom made for senior travelers are practically endless.

There are memberships available to travel clubs for seniors that may have long stay vacations for seniors available.

Visiting a city or country such as Costa Rica, or National Parks, or a Caribbean Island are a few popular possibilities.

Traveling to walk, hike, or play golf are but a few opportunities available as longer stays.

Some tour companies have fully refundable tours, perfect for seniors. If you have an unexpected health emergency, you won’t be stuck with the bill.

Travel tour companies hire travel experts who can book the best flights. Their local guides know a great deal about the locations you visit. So you will see the best sights.

This is so much better than wandering around and losing time.

Best yet, you will get the tour that only lasts a few weeks or one that is longer.

Some are shorter but allow customers to extend the time at destination.

Seniors on a Long Stay VacationSeniors on a Long Stay Vacation

We found a long stay tour offer by Odyssey Traveller.

They offer a collection of long stay vacations such as senior travel city tours and holidays.

The tour stays in one place for at least a week and up to 21 days.

Offering a chance to create meaningful connections with like-minded people in the chosen destination, and ample time to enjoy and contemplate shared travel experience. 

Long Stay Rentals

Long Stay Rentals are possible in many locations. Some landlords offer a monthly rate which is a great deal in comparison to the daily rate for the same rentals.

Also, you might think about renting through an Airbnb for a better long stay price.

With an Airbnb you have rental choices ranging from houses to houseboats, from full Condos or apartments to single rooms.

During the off-season in tourist destinations, it can be an idea to ask for a reduced rate.

We ourselves have been successful doing this by contacting the host directly and asking for a reduced rate.

They have a choice of not renting the dwelling at all because it's off-season or making some income on their unit at a reduced rate.

Curiously, long term rentals in senior communities are often termed short term rentals for the reason that they are rented by the month for 3 to 6 months instead of the 12 month yearly rental.

Keep in mind that furnished rentals usually cost more than unfurnished.

These communities have amenities included in the rental fee.

So check around to find the one best for your long stay vacation for seniors.

Use a House Exchange Program

Using a house exchange can be another alternative for seniors interested in long stay travel.

If you want to cut the cost of your vacation, using one of these programs allows you to exchange your house for another one in the location you wish to visit.

Choose a program that is reputable and you should have no problems.

There are rules and regulations to ensure the safety of your property.

Some of these programs allow for cars to be exchanged and pets to be looked after.

One perk for seniors is that you might end up repeating the same exchange year after year.

Suppose, for example, you hope to leave a colder climate for the Florida or Arizona sunshine.

You might do a yearly exchange with others who love the winter and skiing. 

Seniors may want to exchange their house with a homeowner in the northern states with ski areas.

Using a home exchange is a great way for Seniors from the south to migrate north in order to enjoy the Ski Resorts. 

Craftsbury, Vt. Cross Country Ski CenterCraftsbury, Vt. Cross Country Ski Center
Skiers at a Vermont Ski ResortSkiers at a Vermont Ski Resort

Those seniors in the northern states, known as "Snowbirds", who may be tired of winter, might want to exchange their home with someone in the south to escape the winter doldrums.

The warm sunshine of Florida or Arizona, for example, is a very attractive draw to the south.

Miami Beach FloridaMiami Beach Florida
The Grand Canyon National Park in ArizonaThe Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona

RV Travel - Long Stay Vacations for Seniors

RV travel is commonly enjoyed by long stay vacation senior travelers. Basically you are traveling in a house on wheels.

Some of the benefits of RV traveling are privacy and independence.

Flexibility of RV traveling is boundless.

You can travel as long as you like or as far as you decide to drive in a day, a week, or a month. The choice is completely yours to make.

Every state has RV campgrounds.

A large population of seniors spend months in southern states such as Arizona, Florida, the Carolina’s or Georgia in winter and northern states as New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, or Maine in the summer.

Certainly the National and State Campgrounds are available and offer a great deal of natural beauty for outdoor enthusiasts.

Seniors RV TravelingSeniors RV Traveling

World Travel

Long stay vacations for seniors are enjoyed in Europe and other countries around the world.

As long as you now have the time, long distance travel isn’t a deterrent.

Possibly, you hope to visit or meet family overseas. You may even have relatives currently living in another part of the world!

Visiting our ancestorial countries to experience the culture of our family heritage is growing in popularity recently.

You might just want to see other countries for excitement and interest.

Eiffel TowerEiffel Tower

Learning Adventure Travel

If you have cross cultural experience in mind, consider Road Scholar.

This non-profit organization provides educational travel programs for senior adults. If you consider yourself to be a lifetime learner, Road Scholar has learning adventures in all 50 states and 150 countries.

Website: Road Scholar 

Long Stay Cruises

There are longer stay cruises for long stay vacations for seniors.

A typical cruise is short; they range typically from several days to a week and you might have already taken a few of those.

Did you know that some last 12 days or more?

If you really want to see the world, there are cruises that last from 50 days to 200 days.

Cruise ships often have great deals and senior discounts on select voyages.

In any event, you can relax and enjoy yourself on a cruise without any need for planning.

You will see the itinerary beforehand enabling packing to be easy for such a long vacation with multiple stops.

Cruise ShipCruise Ship

Volunteer Long Stay Vacations

Volunteer opportunities can be long stay vacations for seniors.

Today, many seniors who have time on their hands, choose to put those hands to good use and help where help is needed.

Work and live vacations

Even if funds are limited and you don’t have that generous retirement package, you can pick up a job in a destination you wish to live in for a short while.

Perhaps you can park cars at your favorite beach or tutor part-time at a library if you have the needed skills.

It is not unusual for senior long stay travelers to work in tourist shops, grocery stores, drive shuttle buses, or act as restaurant hosts in the travel destination of their choice.

Maybe, there's a favorite destination where you had vacationed before but always had to leave after a short time.

By working, maybe part-time, you can spend the time you had longed for and still enjoy all the location has to offer.

If you happened to have a "website business" supplementing your retirement income, all you need is your laptop to carry on in another destination of choice. 

Often, working alongside other seniors, you will meet people and make new friends.

Some resources for "Work & Live" opportunities:

Planning is A Must for Long Stay Vacations for Seniors

If you're going on an extended vacation, the time spent in planning will be well worth it. 

Use the Best Travel Tips for Seniors to help with your travels.