Walking Tours for Seniors

Walking Tours for Seniors can be a simple tour of a city, town, an attraction or a guided walking tour group vacation as short as a day or much longer.

You might discover the history of the architecture of your home town or visit faraway places.

We have hand-picked several of the Best Walking Tours specifically suited for seniors.

Senior Men Walking Tour

20 Best Benefits of Walking Groups for Seniors

1. It is healthy to stay active during our senior years and walking is considered one of the best forms of exercise and with good reasons. 

2. Walking lowers risk of disease, it is great for cardiovascular health, bone health, muscle health, and even brain health.

3. You might spend more time outdoors which is an additional benefit for good health

4. On walking tours for seniors, you can make new friends and share the fun.

5. You don’t need to plan. The guides are knowledgeable and helpful

6. There is greater safety in traveling with a group. Tourists, especially senior tourists can be viewed as vulnerable, when walking alone.

7. There can be more value for your money in a walking tour compared to more expensive bus tours or boat tours. 

8. Many cities have walking tours at a low cost and some are even free for seniors. 

9. A package tour deal might be less expensive because of reduced travel cost for the company.

10. Walking slows us down enabling all of our senses to be involved in the experience.

11. We can get close and personal with the location which will allow for more chances to take amazing photographs.

12. We will see things that we never would otherwise such as architecture, local birds or trees.

13. Using our legs and feet can be more eco-friendly if we would like to consider the future of our children and grandchildren.

14. Avoiding some tourist traps can mean less crowds and congestion.

15. Living more like a native is more educational, enabling us to learn about the culture and history of the location.

16. Chances of meeting locals are improved especially if you speak the language. It can be really enjoyable to meet new people in this way. 

17. The locals living in another town or country can portray a different perspective than ours and opens our horizons.

18. Guides usually have more in-depth knowledge of locations and you might be introduced to “off the beaten path” destinations.

19. Surprises along the way might enliven your adventurous spirit.

20. A slower pace can keep you focused and organized instead of over-whelmed by all the new sights and sounds.

Trips like this can be extremely satisfying. We have increased our health and well-being, while having the time of our lives.

Walking Tour Vacations for Seniors

Walking Tours for Seniors on the West coast

Walking Adventures International GroupWalking Adventures International Group

Walking Adventures International

Walking Adventures International Logo

Walking Adventures International is a wonderful travel group/club for seniors located in Washington State for travelers over the age of 50. We like that the group size is small with a maximum of 22 people. Often, it can be easier for older adults to travel in smaller groups. 

We love that this reliable Walking Tour Company is family owned and operated. For that reason, they can offer flexibility in trip planning. “Safe but not Scripted” is their travel philosophy.

Although, not technically a travel club, travelers can add personal input as to preferences for destinations by voting with refundable Early Bird Discounts. That is, an interested traveler votes with an “Early Bird Deposit” and if not enough travelers are interested the trip isn’t available.

As a result each trip is different and unrepeated. Nonetheless, the company does the research, finds the walking trails, finds town or city walks, books hotels, transportation and activities the region has to offer.

Walking Adventures International Website.

Walking Tours for Seniors on the East Coast

Country Walkers TourCountry Walkers Tour

Country Walkers

Country Walkers Logo

Country Walkers is an East Coast Walking Travel Company that has trips suitable for mature adults. Located near us in Vermont, it offers tours in countries around the world. By the way, Country Walkers offers some great Vermont Tours, such as the Autumn Foliage Tour, a favorite with seniors. 

Tours are rated by activity level which are:

1) Easy Walking:

  • Daily Hours: Up to 4
  • Daily Distance (in miles): 2-6
  • Walking Surfaces: Gentle with some uneven terrain
  • Daily Elevation (in feet): Up to 750
  • Personal Fitness: Light exercise weekly, active lifestyle

 2) Easy to Moderate Walking:

  • Daily Hours: Up to 5
  • Daily Distance (in miles) :4-8
  • Walking Surfaces: Gentle to rolling with some uneven terrain
  • Daily Elevation (in feet): Up to 1,200
  • Personal Fitness: Cardio exercise 2-3 times weekly, active lifestyle

 3) Moderate Walking: 

  • Daily Hours: Up to 6
  • Daily Distance (in miles): 4-10
  • Walking Surfaces: Hilly with some steep/uneven terrain
  • Daily Elevation (in feet): Up to 2,200
  • Personal Fitness: Cardio exercise 3-4 times weekly, active lifestyle

4) Moderate to Challenging Walking: 

  • Daily Hours: Up to 7
  • Daily Distance (in miles): 6-12
  • Walking Surfaces: Hilly to mountainous with some steep/uneven terrain
  • Daily Elevation (in feet): Up to 3,000
  • Personal Fitness: Excellent physical condition, cardio exercise 4-5 times weekly

5) Challenging Walking: 

  • Daily Hours: Up to 7
  • Daily Distance (in miles): 6-14
  • Walking Surfaces: Rugged, uneven, mountainous terrain with some sustained ascents and descents
  • Daily Elevation (in feet): Up to 4,000
  • Personal Fitness: Excellent physical condition, vigorous cardio exercise 4-5 times weekly, no ortho/cardio problems

You yourself can judge your fitness level. You can select a completely guided tour or travel in a self-guided fashion. The guided tours are small with a maximum of 18 people, a benefit to seniors. The self-guided tour option allows for 1 to 12 travelers. Although it is self-guided, there are guides available 24/7. They supply detailed maps and routes.

Country Walkers Website.

Walking Sightseeing Tours for Seniors

Anyone can easily find guided sightseeing walking tours for seniors in a specific location, city,  town, or an attraction.

For example, there are guided tours of large cities such a San Francisco or small towns just about anywhere. They can be free or charge a fee.

You can find walking sightseeing tours anywhere by doing a search in your specific destination.


Do an internet search for......
          "walking tours in (fill in your desired location)".

This will show the results of various walking tours available, both free and those with a fee.

To find a FREE walking tour do an internet search for.....
          "free walking tours in (fill in your desired location)".

This will show all the FREE walking tours available in your chosen destintaion.