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Visit Stowe VT for Seniors

Visit Stowe VT for Seniors of all ability levels to find an abundance of things to do year round.

The best attractions and things to do in Stowe VT for Seniors are Mt Mansfield downhill skiing, Trapp Family Lodge Cross Country skiing, Fall foliage, maple sugarhouses, the golf courses, the swimming holes, kayaking the natural waterways, hiking, biking, fishing, the Main Street shops, the Stowe breweries, Oktoberfest, the Stowe Winter Carnival, and the museums. 

There are many "Things-To-Do" in Stowe, for all ages, but here we have picked the highlights of each season specifically for Seniors.

Attractions and Things To Do Seasonally
(Quick Links)


Things To Do In Stowe
In The Spring

1. Kayaking The Waterways in Stowe, VT

Kayaking: The Spring is time to get your kayak out and enjoy the ride down the swollen waterways at this time of year.

The best kayaking trips are on the Winooski River in Waterbury, Vt., a short drive from Stowe.

Umiak Outfitters in Stowe offers river float trips on the Winooski river.

The Umiak "4 Mile River Float":

  • This is a gentle and slow-moving river trip that is perfect for beginner paddlers.
  • As you float slowly through Vermont farmland you'll be awed by the views of Camel's Hump Mountain.
  • You may see otters, deer, or even an occasional moose as they come to drink from the river. Paddle a solo kayak, tandem kayak, canoe, or standup paddleboard. 
Umiak 4 Mile Float Trip on the Winooski RiverUmiak 4 Mile Float Trip on the Winooski River


Sunday - Wednesday

  • 10:00 AM - 4 Miles
  • 2:00 PM -  4 Miles


  • $54.00 Per Person


  • Winooski River
    Waterbury, VT


Reserve your tour online through
their calendar or call 802-253-2317

The Umiak "9 Mile River Float Upper Gorge Trip":

  • This 9-mile trip is a more advanced section of the river with Class I/II whitewater rapids to canoe or kayak. 
Umiak 9 Mile Float Trip on the Winooski RiverUmiak 9 Mile Float Trip on the Winooski River


Sunday - Wednesday

12:00 PM - 9 Miles


  • $74.00 Per Person


  • Winooski River
    Waterbury, VT


Reserve your tour online through
their calendar or call 802-253-2317

2. Visit the Famous Vermont Sugar Houses

Early Spring is "Sugaring Time"!

Vermont is famous for its authentic maple syrup.

Many maple syrup operations host visitors to watch the fun process of boiling the sap down to end with the delicious sweet syrup at the sugarhouses.

Maple sugarhouses in Stowe include Stowe Maple Products, Nebraska Knoll Sugar Farm and the Sugarhouse at the Von Trapp Family Lodge.

Stowe Maple Products Sugarhouse

Stowe Maple Products SugarhouseStowe Maple Products Sugarhouse

Nebraska Knoll Sugar Farm Sugarhouse

Nebraska Knoll SugarhouseNebraska Knoll Sugarhouse

Von Trapps Sugarhouse

Von Trapps SugarhouseVon Trapps Sugarhouse

Things To Do In Stowe
In The Summer

Summer is the time to hike the Appalachian Trail or pack your swim suit to take a refreshing dip in the many naturally created swimming holes.

If you've worked up a thirst, you can quench it by visiting one of the three breweries in Stowe.

The Alchemist Brewery which is home to the famous "Heady Topper" IPA, the von Trapp Brewery attached to "The Bierhall" restaurant, and the Idletyme Brewery & Restaurant on the Mountain Road.

1. Hiking at The Moss Glen Falls in Stowe

Hiking to Moss Glen Falls in Stowe is a spectacular waterfall and an easy hike for young and old (er)!

It is the tallest waterfall in Vermont, cascading 85 feet!

The Short Hike Details (Falls and Back):

  • Distance is .6 to the falls and back.
  • Time is 20 minutes.
  • Climb is 150 ft. 

The Long Hike Details (Full Hike along the Falls):

  • Distance is 5.2 miles.
  • Time is 2 - 3 hours.
  • Climb is 951 ft.

View Trail Map

There is a parking lot available at 369-615 Moss Glen Falls Rd, Stowe, VT 05672 to get you to the start of the hike.

The parking lot is only 3 miles from Stowe Village.

Directions to Parking Lot: 

  • Route 100 North from Stowe village
  • Bear right onto Randolph Road
  • Take the first road to the right onto Moss Glen Falls Road
  • Proceed about 1/2 mile to the parking lot

The trek from the parking lot follows the brook that flows from the falls.

The trail comes to a fork and you can either go left up the steeper climb to the "lookout", a perfect location to take some photos of the falls, or to the right to follow the outer edge of the river to the base of the falls.

In the Photo Below:

  • Notice the few adventurous hikers on the longer hike alongside the falls, in the photo taken from the "lookout".
  • Comparing the size of these hikers at the base of the falls to the falls itself gives you a good perspective to the magnitude of the falls.

This photo of the falls was taken from the "lookout".

Moss Glen Falls, Stowe VT

Our family, Ruth, Sarah our daughter, her husband Rodrigue and our granddaughter Yasmina  on a hike to the falls.

Moss Glen Falls Family Hike, Stowe VTMoss Glen Falls Family Hike, Stowe VT

2. Hiking With A Guided Tour

Sunrise Mountain Guides - Guided hikes are available to the top of Mount Mansfield, Vermont's highest peak along the Long Trail, or a gentle walk along the Ranch Brook in Ranch Valley.

Their local knowledge of terrain and current conditions along with history and lore will ensure your outing to be enjoyable and memorable.

Vermont classic Easy to Moderate hikes

Length: 1 to 3 Hours 

Hikers: Maximum 8 people & guide

Briefing: Each hike begins with a briefing of current trail conditions and weather.   They'll discuss your preferences for route difficulty, durations and special interest and concerns.  With your direction, they’ll design a hike to meet your expectations.

Description: Accent/Decent in time while hiking through history, easy to moderate hikes include exploring Ranch Camp and Sterling Valley area.

Learn and imagine how it once was, how did “they” do it. Explore old cellar holes, and stone foundations…. It’s history

Vermont Iconic Moderate to Difficult Hikes & Treks

Length: 3+ Hours

Hikers: Maximum 8 people & guide

Briefing: Each hike begins with a briefing of current trail conditions and weather.   We’ll discuss your preferences for route difficulty, durations and special interest and concerns.  With your direction, we’ll design a hike to meet your expectations. They can plan an “out’n back” or “loop” hike or trek for you.

Mountain Hikes:

  1. Mount Mansfield – Scale to the “Top of Vermont” like you always wanted!
  2. Camels Hump – Hike the “second” highest peak of Vermont. Search for “lost WWII plane crash site”
  3. Mount Hunger – Summit the “Off the beaten path jewel” in the area, most locals will not tell you about!
  4. Other classic hikes in the area include the Trout Club  to Mansfield, SkyLine Trail and the Long trail  treks

Hiking Rates:

Prices are for one person. Add $50 for each additional hiker.

  • Under 2 hours, $150
  • 2 – 4 hours, $200
  • 4 – 6 hours, $250
  • 6+ hours, $350

Up to 8 people

Packing List for Summer & Fall Hiking


  • Sturdy shoes or sneakers
  • Comfortable socks
  • Synthetic shorts or pants
  • Synthetic top
  • Small pack
  • Water and food


  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Insulating layer
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Hat, gloves
  • Camera
  • Head lamp

3. Biking The Stowe Recreation Path

Stowe Recreation Path

Biking on the Stowe Recreation Path is an easy cycle for the whole family and very easy for the grandchildren!

The path is mostly flat and level making it a great way to spend the day with the family.

There are numerous restaurants and pubs along the way for a bite to eat or a quench for the thirst.

The Stowe Recreation Path is a 5.3-mile paved public path, free to use and easy to access.

It starts in the historic Stowe Village and ends at a beautiful covered bridge.

Parking for the Recreation Path:

  • Topnotch Access located off Brook Road on Route 108 just past Topnotch Resort
  • Thompson Park located on Luce Hill Road off Route 108 
  • Chase Park located on Route 108 across from Stony Brook Condominiums on 
  • Lintilhac Park located behind the Stowe Community Church on Main Street in Stowe Village
Stowe Recreation Path MapStowe Recreation Path Map

For a Printable Larger Map View Click Here.

Recreation "Quiet Path"

The "Quiet Path" is 1.8 miles long; an extension of the main path designated for walkers and joggers only.

It is a natural surface that goes along the Little River West Branch and through the Mayo Farm.

Dogs are welcomed and leashes are not required.

Parking for the Quiet Path:

  • Mayo Farm Road
  • Weeks Hill Road
  • Cemetery Road

4. Golfing on The Courses in/nearby Stowe VT

Golf is one of the most popular sports/activities among seniors or retirees.

There are 2 (two) golf courses in the town of Stowe, VT and 2 (two) golf courses nearby in Morrisville, VT, which is a short drive from Stowe Village.

According to the National Golf Foundation, "Since 1991, for example, the senior segment has grown 16 percent, or by nearly one million golfers.

Todays 6.4 million senior golfers now represent 26 percent of all golfers.

Five years ago, they accounted for just 22 percent."

The 2 Golf Courses in the town of Stowe, VT

1. The Stowe Country Club Golf Course - The course is a classic mid-century course designed by William Mitchell, the course offers risk-reward shot-making and stunning views of the surrounding Green Mountains.

The 18-hole parkland layout features multiple tee boxes that provide a blend of challenge and enjoyment.

There are not many flat lies and the greens can be down right slick if you get above the hole.

Stowe Country Club Golf Course

Stowe Country Club Golf Course

2. Spruce Mountain Golf Course - The rugged design of the acclaimed Mountain Course at Spruce Peak reaches an elevation of more than 1,800 feet and features rock outcroppings, wildlife at every glance, and sweeping views of both Spruce Peak and Mt. Mansfield.

Enjoy world-class hospitality as you play up, over, and around the Green Mountains.

Spruce Mountain Golf Course

Here is the 2023 Rate Card for the 2 golf courses.


The 2 Golf Courses Nearby Stowe, VT

1. The Ryder Brook Golf Course - The gold course is a 9-hole, 100 acre course that is challenging, enjoyable and meticulously maintained.

There is a practice putting green and a grass driving range or on mats.

The Ryder Brook Golf Course

Ryder Brook Golf Course



Daily Greens Fees:

  • 9 HOLES - $25.00
  • 18 HOLES - $35.00

Cart Rental: (Single)

  • 9 HOLES - $12.00
  • 18 HOLES - $20.00

Cart Rental: (Double)

  • 9 HOLES - $21.00
  • 18 HOLES - $30.00

Club Rental:

  • 9 HOLES - $12.00
  • 18 HOLES - $19.00

Junior Greens Fees (To Age 16)-$18.00

Twilight Rate
(Weekdays After 3:00 P.M.)-


Medium Bucket:
(Approximately 35 Balls) - $7.00

Large Bucket:
(Approximately 75 Balls) - $10.00

Jumbo Bucket:
(Approximately 120 Balls) - $15.00

2. Copley Country Club Golf Course - The 9-hole course at the Copley Country Club facility in Morrisville, Vermont features 2,775 yards of golf.

The course offers a challenging experience for all handicaps and ages.

The Copley Country Club Golf Course

Copley Country Club Golf Course


Daily Green Fees:

  • 9 Holes: $25.00
  • 18 Holes: $35.00

Weekend/Holiday Rates:

Before 2PM:

  • 9 Holes: $28.00
  • 18 Holes: $38.00

After 2PM:

  • 9 Holes: $25.00
  • 18 Holes: $35.00

Cart Fees Per Person:

  • 9 Holes: $15.00
  • 18 Holes: $20.00


  • Pull Carts: $8.00
  • Rental Clubs: $25.00
  • Ten Plays: $200.00

5. Golfing the Miniature Golf Course in Stowe

Mini Golf is always a great fun activity for seniors and their families.

The Stowe Golf Park has been professionally designed as a miniaturized golf course.

The course consists of an 18-hole putting course and mini-kiosk.

It is heavily landscaped and contoured in a garden environment and is a welcome addition to Stowe, Vermont summer activities.

It strives to simulate a real golf environment and experience.

Seniors, kids and families alike enjoy the challenge of a game of putting.


Stowe Mini Golf

Location: 1613 Mountain Rd, Stowe, VT 05672

Season/Hours: April - October 31st, 9 AM-9:30pm (last T time is 9:30pm), 7 Days A Week


  • $12.00 per round per person (includes tax)
  • Children 5 and under play free. (Please see us at the Sun & Ski Inn front desk for child’s ball).
  • Season Pass $120 per person

Phone: (802) 253-7159
mail: groupsales@stowebowl.com 

Tickets are to be purchased from the on-site red kiosk ticket machine on a first come first serve basis.

Groups with food can be reserved in advance by emailing: groupsales@stowebowl.com 

6. Visit The 3 Craft Breweries In Stowe

Stowe is home to 3 craft breweries.

One brewery dates back to 1995, another was born to the famous Trapp Family Lodge in 2010 and the other popped up during the micro craft beer craze of the 2000's that is the Alchemist Brewery.

All three breweries are worth the visit for some lunch or dinner and a cold one!

1. The Alchemist Brewery

Alchemist Brewery

The Alchemist Brewery originally started as a "Brew Pub" in the village of Waterbury, VT in 2003.

After 8 years of success and popularity, a production  brewery was started in Waterbury in 2011.

As a result of the booming craft beer scene, the Alchemist opened shop in Stowe in 2016.

The famous "Heady Topper" became so popular that a "stand-in-line" wait for the delivery truck at the local delis and corner stores in Vermont became the norm to seize a couple 4-packs.

It has calmed down these days due to the uptick in production and the ease of finding an abundance of their beers just about anywhere in Vermont. 

The "Stand-in-Line" wait was a true thing!

I remember standing in line at our local deli, Tomlinson's Store, and waiting for the delivery of Heady Topper on Tuesday afternoons around 2:00 PM. 

In the early days, before the Stowe brewery existed, there was a limit of only two  4-packs of Heady per customer and they were usually sold out by 4:00 PM.

They now operate 2 breweries, one in Waterbury and one in Stowe.

They offer their 2 anchor brews, "Heady Topper" and "Focal Banger" with occasional limited releases.

The Waterbury brewery is production only but the Stowe brewery offers beer sales and the "limited releases" for on-site consumption only.

The Stowe site has a Beer Cafe where everyone is welcome to sit back, relax and enjoy a cold draft.

The Cafe does not serve food but a food truck operated by 
"Warren's Kitchen" is parked outside for orders of burgers, mac & cheese, jerk tacos, fried chicken, fried plantains, and more.

100 Cottage Club Rd.
Stowe, VT 05672

Phone: (802) 253-6708   

Hours: 11:00 to 6:00

2. Von Trapps Bierhall Brewery

Trapps Bierhall

Johannes von Trapp, the youngest son of Marie and the Baron, developed a liking to the crisp, clean Austrian lager beers during his many visits to Austria.

The craft beer craze in the United States picked up steam in the 1990's.

The movement mostly focused on single and double IPA beers/ales.

Johannes seeing the lack of lagers brewed by these new craft breweries decided to concentrate on brewing lager beers.

He opened the first Trapp Family Lodge Austrian-style brewery in 2010.

If your preference is a lager beer rather than an IPA, you must visit the von Trapp brewery and have a seat in their Bierhall restaurant to enjoy a fresh lager on tap.

The Trapps Brewery is currently offering 5 "Year Round" beers:


They are also currently offering 8 "Specialty & Rotational Offerings":



1333 Luce Hill Road
Stowe, VT 05672

Phone: 802-253-5750

Hours: Open Monday-Sunday
11:30am - 9pm

3. Idletyme Brewery

Idletyme Brewery

The history of Idletyme brewery dates back to the previous owners who called the restaurant "The Shed".

The Shed was started by two ski instructor friends in 1965.

It became a very popular Apres Ski hangout; THE spot for locals and tourists alike.

The restaurant was destroyed by a fire on a frigid night in 1994.

After a complete rebuild the restaurant re-opened the following year in 1995 and added a 7-barrel brewery.

The brewery focused on English-style ales.

In 2012 the Shed was sold to two business partners.

The restaurant was renovated and the name changed to "Crop Bistro and Brewery".

The partners installed a custom-designed brewing system from Germany.

In 2015, Stowe residents Laura and Michael Kloeti took over the restaurant and again, rebranded it to the current name of "Idletyme Brewing Company".

Idletyme Brewery brews Ales, IPA's, Lagers and Pilsners.

Current offerings on tap:

  1. Helles Brook
  2. Pink N Pale
  3. Malostranska Pilsner
  4. Schwarz
  5. Zog's Pale Ale
  6. Stick Season Session IPA
  7. Doubletyme IPA
  8. Dunkel Lager
  9. Vanilla Porter
  10. Kölsch

7. The Stowe Jazz Festival

Stowe Jazz Festival Logo

This year will be the 8th year for the Stowe Jazz Festival.

The 2024 festival will be held August 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

The festival is 100% free to the public - no tickets, no cover-charges, no parking fees.

Since we live only a few miles from Stowe, you can bet Ruth and I will be there!

Hoping to get lots of pics and offer an insight into what to expect for next year if you don't get a chance to go this year.

2024 Stowe Jazz Festival - Signature Art by Sally Stetson2024 Stowe Jazz Festival - Signature Art by Sally Stetson

The menu will be nothing but Jazz at the Festival; Bebop, Brazilian jazz, Swing, Gypsy jazz, Progressive/electric jazz, Standards, Afro-Cuban jazz, instrumental and vocal artists alike.

This year, an amazing group of Artists to Stowe have been invited.

The festival coordinators have managed to book stellar musicians from Brazil, Cuba, Canada, New York City, Puerto Rico, Peru, Boston, Los Angeles, and from right here in Vermont.

"A big part of our mission is to bring world-class Jazz artists from…everywhere…artists that you just wouldn’t usually hear in Stowe and our vicinity.

We aim to develop into a Festival that will attract international audiences - and GROW.

Come on up - add your energy." (From the Jazz Festival Website)

And make sure you bring the kids…remember…its FREE ;) 

Stowe Jazz Festival Schedule

There will be performance all through Stowe at the local restaurants and pubs.

The Alchemist Brewery's Mainstage


Ray Vega Latin Jazz Sextet

Andrew Rathbun Quartet

Eric Person Quartet

Eduardo Mercuri Quintet


Jared Schonig Quintet

Dave Stryker Organ Trio

Alan Ferber Nonet

Chico Pinheiro Quartet



Matt Wilson And Good Trouble

Anthony Wilson Organ Trio

Manuel Valera & New Cuban Express

Nicole Zuraitis

Civil Disobedience

Village Venue Performances

Thursday, August 1st: Early Kick-off Party

Talta Lodge 6-9pmThe Bruce Sklar Quintet
"SJF Opening Night Party" 

Friday, August 2nd:

Stowe Village Inn 1 - 4pm: The Paul Asbell Trio

Field Guide Lodge 6 - 9pm TBA

St. John’s In The Mountains 7:30 - 9:30pm: The Henry Hey Trio

American Flatbread 8 - 11pm: The Michael Hartigan Trio

Piecasso 9 - 12pm: GuaGua

Doc Pond’s 10 -....: The SJF Jam Session

Saturday, August 3rd:

Stowe Village Inn 6:30 - 9:30pm: The Paul Asbell Trio

Cork Wine Bar 8 - 10:30pm: The Eduardo Mercuri Quintet

American Flatbread 8 - 11pm: Jon McBride’s Big Easy

Piecasso 9 - 12pm: GuaGua

Doc Pond’s 10 - ...: The SJF Jam Session

Sunday, August 4th:

Cork Wine Bar 1 - 4pm: Chico Pinheiro Quartet

Outbound Stowe 1 - 4:00pm: The Paul Asbell Trio
"Jazz & Cocktails By The Pool"

Field Guide Lodge 9 - 12pm: The Sneakers Jazz Band 
"The SJF Closing Party"

Things To Do In Stowe
In The Fall

Autumn is time to pack your camera to save your memories of the breath-taking Fall foliage in the mountains.

Travel the back roads for a relaxing trip to what mother nature has to offer. 

Here is Mt. Elmore in the Fall that sits at the back shore of Lake Elmore

Mount Elmore & Lake Elmore in the FallMount Elmore & Lake Elmore in the Fall

1. Drive Up The Mt. Mansfield Auto Toll Road

Mt. Mansfield Auto Toll Road

The Auto Toll Road: There is no better way to witness the beautiful Fall Foliage that Vermont is known for then to take a ride up Mt. Mansfield along the Auto Toll Road.

Zig and zag your way to the summit ridge of Mt. Mansfield along the historic Toll Road, where stunning views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains.

The Toll Road's first automobile climb was in 1923.

The road up Mount Mansfield is 4.5 miles of awe-inspiring natural beauty.

There is a convenient parking area at 3,850 feet to relax and take it all in.

Note: There are no food or dining facilities available on the Toll Road so bring along a picnic or do some hiking while you're up there. 

Open for summer & fall operations starting the end of May until Mid October. 

Dates & Hours of Operation: (weather permitting)

  • End of May to Mid October
  • Open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


  • Toll Road: $32
  • Passenger: $12

Vehicle Restrictions:

Safety considerations dictate that some vehicles cannot be permitted on the Toll Road:

  • No trailers, RVs, campers, or vans converted to RVs
  • No dually trucks
  • No mopeds or scooters
  • No motorcycles
  • No bicycles

Take a Virtual Trip Into The History
of Mt. Mansfield and The Toll Road

2. Visit The Stowe Octoberfest

The Town of Stowe’s event field is transformed into a Bavarian village, for the annual celebration of the harvest and fall foliage.

I have memories of taking my Mom in her senior years, who is of German heritage, to the Octoberfest.

It was always a good time and still is now that I'm the Senior.

From traditional Oompah bands to authentic Bavarian foods, and freshly brewed Vermont beers to traditional sing-a-longs and dancing, even a silent auction … there’s something for every “villager”… young and old.

Stowe Octoberfest

Enjoy the wide open green space at the Stowe Events Field, where various vendors and booths will be onsite for a day of fun celebrating Oktoberfest in Stowe, Vermont.

The field is transformed into a Bavarian village for this festive affair.

Join in on the traditional sing-alongs and dances led by live Oompah bands under the traditional tent.

The Oktoberfest offers an abundance of authentic German food, with plenty of bratwursts and other German dishes on hand.

Slug a cold beer served by the local Stowe breweries and other breweries of Vermont.

If you're not a "beer drinker" there are various wine options  that will be available.

Oktoberfest is not just for beer lovers – there will be plenty of family friendly activities happening as well.

Bring the grandkids along to get their faces painted in this fun, carnival atmosphere.

They will also enjoy exploring the various pumpkin sizes and shapes before choosing one to paint.

Stowe Octoberfest

3. Stowe Foliage Arts Festival

This event is a favorite among Seniors visiting Stowe.

The festival is a great time to enjoy the fall foliage and sample the great New England fair, and the many crafts of the local crafters.

The various craft booths make a great chance to do some early Christmas shopping.

The Festival is a 3-day event from Friday October 11 through Sunday October 13, 2024 from 10am-5pm. 

The Festival takes place at the height of the fall foliage season which includes exquisite Art and fine Craftwork from over 150 juried Fine Artists and Artisans.

There is always live music and other entertainment, great food, draft beer, wine, and demonstrations of traditional craftwork.

Sample and purchase specialty food products such as maple syrup, gourmet chocolate, craft distilled spirits, and more!


  • ART & CRAFT - Featuring over 150 Artists and Artisans selling their handmade creations in a beautiful outdoor setting
  • ENTERTAINMENT - Live Music in the dining tent all three days by popular local and regional musicians.
  • FOOD & BEVERAGED - Delicious Festival Fare by local and regional food  entrepreneurs, as well as refreshing beverages including beer and wine.
  • CRAFT DEMONSTRATIONS - Live demonstrations by master craftspeople throughout the weekend.


At Topnotch Field
3420 Mountain Road
Stowe, VT 05672


  • Adult Admission $12.
  • Weekend Pass $15. 
  • Kids 14 & under FREE

NO PETS, please. Festival goes on RAIN or SHINE. FREE PARKING.

4. Bowling at The Stowe Bowl

Bowling in Stowe is another great consideration for seniors and their families. 

The Stowe Bowl is open year round and can be enjoyed anytime of the year.

The Stowe Bowl is an 8-lane bowling venue that’s not your regular alley, but something a little more; boutique, swanky, cozy, comfortable, loungy and elegant.

There is a full bar and eatery with a lounge atmosphere and state-of-the-art audio-visual experience.

The Stowe Bowl Bowling Lanes

The Stowe Bowl Bowling Lanes

Location: 1613 Mountain Rd, Stowe, VT 05672


Monday: 1pm-10pm
Tuesday-Wednesday: 4pm - 10pm
Thursday: 1pm - 10pm
Friday - Saturday: 1pm - 11pm
Sunday: 4pm – 10pm


  • Regular Operating Hours:$50/hour or $11/game
  • Holiday periods:$65/hour or $13/game
  • Shoe rentals are $5 per pair. 
  • Forgot your socks? Socks are available for purchase at $4 per pair!


Phone: (802) 253-2494
Website: https://www.sunandskiinn.com/pages/stowe-bowl
Email: info@stowebowl.com

5. Visit the Local Stowe Museums

1. The Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum

Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum Sign

The Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum is located in Stowe Village at the intersection of Route 100 & Route 108 (the Mountain Road).

The old Town Hall of 1818, is home to the museum and is a "MUST SEE" for seniors to go back in time, to recollect the earlier days of the skiing industry.

The mission of the museum is to collect skiing artifacts, to preserve and to celebrate the history of skiing and snowboarding in Vermont

There are over 10,000 of these artifacts on display such as skis, snowboards, boots, bindings, memorabilia, art, photographs, and library and archive material.

You will see the first and oldest skis, bindings, boots as well as the "not-so-old", early snowboards.

Also on display is large mechanical equipment, which includes snow making equipment and lifts.

Smaller mechanical equipment includes communication equipment, and the first electronic race timing devices.

One can sit in a ski lift, watch ski films and interviews on interactive screens.

The museum hosts rotating exhibits and currently the exhibit (December 1, 2023 - October 14, 2024) is the "Searching for Vermont’s Lost Ski Areas" Part I

From The Vermont Museum's website:

"175 “lost” areas from Vernon to Newport have been identified and located on a large format map created for the exhibit. “Lost and found” ski areas, and twenty areas still in operation today, are also identified.

Drawing from information, photographs and memorabilia in the museum’s collection, and with help from local historical societies and NELSAP, Part I of Searching for Vermont’s Lost Ski Areas features the unique character of 70 “lost” areas between the Massachusetts border and Rte. 4, from small community tows to bigger areas with multiple lifts.

The search for more information about Vermont’s lost ski areas is ongoing and the Museum welcomes input from those who have memories and photos to share. Part II of the exhibit will push further north and will open next season."

Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum

2. The Stowe Historical Society Museum

Stowe Historical Society Museum

The Stowe Historical Society Museum was born from the Stowe Historical Society which was formed in 1956.

The society was started by the oldest families in Stowe with the  purpose to preserve the past and rich legacy of Stowe for the future.

The museum hosts a collection of books, letters, journals, maps, drawings, photographs and postcards about Stowe and Vermont history.

On display are military artifacts from the Civil War and other military involvements as well as farm implements, domestic items, textiles and more.

The purpose of the museum is to shed light on life in Stowe from the early 19th century to recent times. 

Things To Do In Stowe
In The Winter

Winter, of course, is what Stowe if famous for!

Skiing put Stowe on the map for some of the best in the East.

With the trails various degrees of challenge; they can accommodate the Senior Skier's abilities from beginner to expert.

Winter activities also include cross-country skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, snowshoeing and snowmobiling. 

1. Downhill Skiing on Mt. Mansfield in Stowe

Skiing on Mt. Mansfield in Stowe, VT

Here is Mt. Mansfield on a bright December morning.

Mt Mansfield Range in Stowe VTMt Mansfield Range in Stowe VT

A closer look at Mt. Mansfield

Mt Mansfield in the WinterMt Mansfield in the Winter

Downhill Skiing at the Stowe Mountain Resort

Stowe Mountain Resort is the main ski resort in Stowe with 116 ski trails and 12 lifts.

The trails will accommodate all levels of skiers from beginners to expert skiers.

Grandparents will find everything needed to share a wonderful winter experience with their grandkids.

It has been a 4-season resort since the 1940's and internationally acclaimed

There is actually 2 mountains to ski at the resort connected ay a gondola; Mt. Mansfield at 4,395 ft. and Spruce Peak at 3320 ft.

Stowe Mountain Resort has added a significant "Snow Making" infrastructure since snowmaking started.

They have a large number of snow making guns with over 7 miles of snowmaking pipe.

With the unpredictable weather changes these past years due to "Global Warming", the snowmaking assures a quality experience.

Skiers and Snowboarders come from everywhere to experience the "Ski Capitol of the East".


  • Mount Mansfield which is the highest peak in Vermont elevates to 4,395 feet
  • Highest skiing elevation is 3,625 feet
  • Vertical drop is 2,360 feet
  • Annual snowfall average is 314 inches
  • Total number of trails is 116
  • Total miles is 40 miles with 16% beginner, 55% intermediate, 29% expert
  • the Snowmaking coverage: 83%
  • Total lifts is 12 
  • Lifts include 1 intermountain transfer Gondola, 1 high-speed summit Gondola, 4 high-speed Quads, 2 Triples, 2 doubles, 2 surface lifts
  • Total hourly lift capacity is 15,516 passengers

Stowe Mt. Resort Ski Trails Map

Stowe Mt. Resort Ski Trails Map

For a Printable Larger Map View Click Here.

2. Cross Country Skiing at Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe

Cross Country Skiing at the Trapps Family Lodge in Stowe, VT

Trapp's Rentals and Lessons:

You can rent skis and snowshoes at Trapp Family Lodge’s Outdoor Center.

They  also offer lessons for adults and children of all skill levels, so make sure to sign up when you book your stay in Stowe.

To schedule a lesson, please call the Ski Shop at 802-253-5755

See a full list of available winter rentals here, as well as lesson pricing!

Adult XC Ski & Snowshoe Rentals:

  • XC Skis, boots and poles - $35 for weekdays & $40 for weekends and holidays
  • Performance Skis (metal edged, skate skis and waxed classic) - $50 for weekdays and $55 for weekends and holidays.
  • Back Country Skis - $60 for weekdays and $65 for weekends and holidays 
  • Snowshoes - $30 for weekdays and $35 for weekends and holidays

Children XC Ski & Snowshoe Rentals:

  • XC Skis, boots and poles - $25 for weekdays & $30 for weekends and holidays
  • Performance Skis (metal edged, skate skis and waxed classic) - $35 for weekdays and $40 for weekends and holidays.
  • Snowshoes - $25 for weekdays and $30 for weekends and holidays

Ski School Package: (Includes equipment, trail pass and lesson)

  • Weekdays $98
  • Weekends and holidays $103

Adult Group Lessons:

  • $45 for weekdays
  • $50 for weekends and holidays

Adult or Children Private Lessons:

  • $99 for first person for weekdays
  • $125 for first person for weekends and holidays
  • $50 per additional person on weekdays and $55 on weekends 

Trapp Family Lodge Trail Map

Trapp Family Lodge Trail Map

For a Printable Larger Map View Click Here.

3. Snowmobile Tours in Stowe

Snowmobile Tours in Stowe

Snowmobile Vermont offers snowmobile tours and rentals in Stowe.

If you never tried "Snowmobiling", these trips are for you. This company offers a "Go-At-Your-Own-Pace" tour.

2 Hour Backcountry Tour

An adventurous 25-mile journey through the Mount Mansfield State Forest for both the beginner and advanced rider.

Go at your own pace, or challenge yourself on the varied terrain.

This tour has it all: hills, woods, straightaways, and speed (if you want it!). This is no “stroll through the woods.”

Boots and snowsuits are available for rent at an additional charge.

A full-face shielded helmet is provided at no additional cost.

Base layers and clothing are for sale in our shop if you forget to bring the appropriate clothing.

All tours are customized to your ability level and desires.

Book now for an experience you won’t forget.

Treat yourself to an adventure and check out backcountry Vermont in its prime winter season.


  • Ages: Must be 16 years + to drive your own snowmobile. If you are under 18 years of age, you must have a parent/guardian signature. Drivers under 18 may NOT take passengers.
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Driver Policy: Snowmobile drivers cannot switch with other riders; We highly recommend one person per snowmobile.

Note: You must arrive one hour before your scheduled tour time!


56 Old Farm Rd.
Stowe, VT 05672 (Located on the second floor)

4. The Stowe Winter Carnival

Stowe Winter Carnival 2023 Agenda

Stowe Winter Carnival 2023

The first Stowe Winter Carnival held in 1921, was the set up by Craig O. Burt, a well recognized leader of the community at that time.

He wanted to help bring the people in town out of economic and winter doldrums.

It featured ski jumping and tobogganing on a hill behind the public school.

It continued to grow, and by 1935 it included extremely competitive races in both alpine and crosscountry skiing.

These popular events brought intrigued visitors from far and near.

Through the war years the carnival was suspended, and it was not until 1974 that a group of locals brought it back to life.

In 2023 the 23rd Annual SWC Ice Carving Festival and the 50th Annual Stowe Winter Carnival was held!

The agenda showcased the Ice Carvers Friday and Saturday, X country Skiing at Trapp Family Lodge and a Kids Carnival Chaos at the Elementary School!