Travel Groups for Seniors

The Best Travel groups for seniors available to senior women, single seniors, the handicapped, various interests, hobbies, AARP members, cultural and educational preferences.

Travel groups are a great way for retirees or senior travelers to travel. 

Not to be confused with Travel Clubs, Clubs usually require membership and can be hosted by large companies or social groups such as religious organizations or senior citizen centers. 

The benefits of seniors traveling in groups are making new friends, simplifying planning, cheaper cost, finding new interests and safety in numbers.

Whatever your travel goals or health capacity, there are groups well-suited to your interests, activity level and needs.

Traveling in a group is an inviting way to travel for solo travelers who are senior citizens. 

Many groups offer an escorted tour that are small group tours with a tour guide or tour operators. In many cases, local guides are provided who know the area of a destination with an insight into the best attractions.

Group travel will pave the way for new experiences and making new friends with other travel companions. 

You can find groups near you by searching for “senior travel groups near me” in Google.

You can also find senior women groups specifically for older or retired women.

There are senior travel groups for singles and AARP travel groups.

If you are new to traveling or consider yourself to be a seasoned traveler,  there are good reasons to take group trips.

A Happy Senior Travel GroupA Happy Senior Travel Group

Social Benefits of Senior Travel Groups

It can definitely be more fun to travel with a group, especially a group of like-minded individuals. When a common interest is shared, there is more enjoyment to be had.

Finding topics to talk and laugh about will be second nature. Many lasting friendships have begun this way.

Types of Travel Groups for Seniors

The range of possibilities is enormous. There are travel clubs, groups tours, and freelance groups.

Perhaps you are looking for a simple day trip or a vacation lasting for months.

You might be a bird watcher, mushroom forager, hiker or someone who is looking to relax on the beaches of the Caribbean.

If you are a women looking for travel companions there are specific travel groups for women.

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Is a volunteer opportunity group your dream or has an African Safari always been on your bucket list? There is no lack of availability.

The types of travel are just as plentiful.

How do you prefer to travel?

"Travel With Benefits"! Walking Groups have so many benefits besides meeting new friends. The exercise from walking is so beneficial to our health, both mind and body!

More Information on Walking Tours for Seniors.

Along with walking groups, there those such as biking, snowmobiling, skiing, plane, car, bus, boat and ship group trips.

NOTE: Travel Groups differ from Travel Clubs for Seniors in that clubs usually charge a fee to offset the resources provided by the club. 

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Planning a Senior Citizen Travel Group Trip

Planning a trip can be overwhelming and can be a reason to stay home. As we get older, we want life easier. Group travel is one answer to this dilemma.

We want the excitement of travel without the burden that comes with the planning involved. Most group travel is planned for you.

All the hassle of decisions and bookings for transportation, accommodations, restaurants and meals is eliminated.

Yes, as seniors, we can usually make requests for special dietary needs, mobility or disability requirements.

(Note: Always check ahead with the company if you have special needs.)

Here are 25 Best Travel Tips for Seniors.

Cost of Travel Groups for Seniors

Of course cost will vary greatly with the different travel experiences.

Do you seek a bargain or luxury indulgence? The range is practically endless. 

Group travel can be a bargain because companies can buy in bulk and offer deals that would be unavailable to the individual.

Besides that, knowing your travel cost before the trip, can be a huge advantage for making a budget.

Making a budget can include the cost of the group trip and any extras you might want, such as, extra activities, meals (if not included), gifts, or special buys for yourself!

Here are the Best Senior Travel Deals

Health and Safety of a Senior Group Travel

We often have unique health and safety concerns and togetherness can add confidence.

Tourists are often the target of thieves, pickpockets, and con artists.

A company or club with experience knows the ropes to provide tips to avoid such problems. Plus just walking or traveling with others is generally safer.

Some larger commercial businesses hire experts to review national and international travel policies, which can change with time. 

By taking responsibility for the health protocols of hotels, restaurants and other facilities. They reduce our concern for such matters.

If an unfortunate health related problem does occur, we will have the help and support necessary.

Here are the 15 Best Travel Safety Tips for Seniors

COVID Concerns

The COVID 19 Virus offers some greater challenges for us right now.

It is absolutely important to check with your Travel Group about their own expectations or requirements for travel with them and the destination itself.

Each of us has our own current health status. You will decide personally if you are comfortable with the Covid requirements of the group.

Also, just as the virus changes, these requirements can change. So keep in touch and up to date with them as much as possible.

How to find Senior Travel Groups

Senior travel groups and clubs are so prolific; you can find them in many different places.

Senior Citizen Centers, Community Centers, Religious organizations, Sports groups, Arts Organizations, to name a few, often have group trips suitable for older adults.

The Internet is a wonderful resource for group travel ideas and companies.

To find a travel group near you, copy & paste or type "travel groups near me" into the search bar here:

Whatever your source, always remember that when a deal or opportunity seems to good to be true, it usually is.

So stay alert and enjoy your travels.