Best Senior Travel Deals

The best senior travel deals include discounts on off-season travel, senior friendly tours, last minute travel, AARP travel, ocean and river cruises, airlines, train travel, National and State parks, Disney World, volunteer trips and many more.

These deals are available to those who take advantage of the senior age requirements of many companies who offer them. 

How to Find the Best Senior Travel Deals

  • Check with the hotels, resorts or other accommodations for their off-season rates which can be a substantial savings.
  • Contact the owner of a Airbnb or Vrbo accommodation directly and ask for a deal or ask if they would except an offer for a lower rental fee. 

  • The best time to book a flight is 4 months to 3 weeks before your departure date. Also, you should check different departure days of the week if you can be flexible as a retiree. Most airline companies have senior discounts.

  • Always check for senior citizen discounts or AARP discounts (if you are a member) with cruises, train travel, airlines, bus travel, hotels and motels, restaurants, parks and campgrounds. 


Off Season Travel Deals

Off season travel discounts are among the best senior travel deals.

Taking advantage of your time flexibility can give older adults great savings on rental accommodations.

Many tourist locations have off-season rates. You will have a better chance of avoiding the crowds of the main season and often get better service at hotels and restaurants.

Your trip will include a less crowded visit to a beach, a museum, a golf course and basically your entire itinerary.

Here is an example of a beautiful sunny 82° day on North Beach in Ogunquit, Maine in September.

When the "Summer Crowds" have gone!

Visit Ogunquit, Maine for Seniors here.

Group and Club Travel

Another alternative is to take advantage of the group rates available to members of travel groups for seniors  and travel clubs for seniors.

Traveling in a group offers socialization as well as discounts. The groups can be free but the clubs charge a small fee for membership.

Receiving the club's discounts can more than make up for the cost of membership.

Home and Abroad Tours

Many companies offer Tours customized for seniors.

Since these companies can generally get the best flight deals as well as a number of other discounts, these tours can be a bargain. There is a huge variety of senior tours.

Walking International Adventures has walking tours suitable for seniors.

Adventures Abroad even has custom tours for grandparents and grandchildren

Europe Tour GroupEurope Tour Group

Last-minute Travel Deals

Some of the best senior travel deals can be obtained by traveling last minute.

Check Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline and Hotwire for super discounted last minute deals.

Note that you will usually need to travel within 2 weeks. As seniors with flexibility for scheduling, this can really save us some money.

Airline Discounts

Many airlines offer discounts to seniors over age 65. 

Delta Airlines

Southwest Airlines

United Airlines

US Air 

It is worth checking airlines around the world for senior discounts if your travel includes those destinations.

Please understand that these airline deals are not always available on-line. They do not always apply to every flight destination. Always call the airline directly if interested in receiving this type of discount.

Booking flights on Monday through Wednesday will save on airfare.

American Airline PlaneAmerican Airline Plane

Ocean Cruises for Seniors

Celebrity Cruise Line-over age 55 on select itineraries

Carnival Cruise Line- over age 55 on select itineraries

AARP on select cruises-members over age 50 

Cruise Direct is an online search engine for cruises that allows customers to compare prices and see the trip options.

Holland America does not offer senior discounts but it is worth checking the website for special deals

Ocean Cruise ShipOcean Cruise Ship

River Cruise Promotions

Many have special promotions on their websites but do not have specific discounts for senior citizens.

American Cruise Lines has special promotions listed on their website.

Viking River Cruises has special promotions on their website 

River Cruise ShipRiver Cruise Ship

Train Travel Discounts

Amtrak offers a 10% discount on rail fares to travelers over age 65 in the United States.

For those traveling across the border to or from Canada, Amtrak offers a 10% discount to those over age 60.

Using rail travel to get to your destination of choice is a relaxing way to travel and something to consider are Amtrak's vacation packages including weekend trips.

Amtrak TrainAmtrak Train

Bus Travel Discounts

Trailways  offers a 10% discount to seniors age 65 and over. There is also a half-fare promotion on select routes for seniors and those with a disabilities. 

Bus TerminalBus Terminal

House exchanges

Why not list your house with a house exchange?

A house or home exchange is a mutual exchange of homes for a set period of time between two home owners.

Both parties can enjoy totally free vacation accommodations rather than staying in expensive hotels.

Choose a reputable company for the safety of your property. You shouldn’t have any problems because they have regulations. The benefit of free rent is huge.

Home Base Holidays

Home Exchange 50 Plus

Home Exchange

Winter House Exchange HomeWinter House Exchange Home
Beach House Exchange HomeBeach House Exchange Home

Stay at a Hostel

You can save a lot of money by staying at a Hostel.

An older friend recently returned from Italy. She stayed at a Hostel located in a beautiful location and it was quiet in regard to the guests.

However, young people who enjoy a party often frequent Hostels. So, if you like quiet, be aware when inquiring about a Hostel.


National Parks and Campgrounds

One of the best senior travel deals is the Lifetime Senior Pass for United States citizens.

It will provide you with free entry into all National Parks for the rest of your life.

If you are on a fixed budget you can obtain a Yearly Senior Pass for entry into all of the National Parks for $20 for one year.

Besides giving entrance to the National Parks, your camping fee is reduced by 50%.

AARP members receive a 10% discount at some campgrounds.

Badlands National ParkBadlands National Park
Sequoia National ParkSequoia National Park

Disneyland & Disney World

Disneyland and Disney World do not have discount tickets for seniors. However, you can buy them from a ticket broker because these brokers often have the lowest prices on legitimate Disneyland & Disney World tickets.

Some senior citizen organizations can occasionally offer special discounts.

The AARP membership gives a variety of discounts on just about everything travel related.  Membership provides savings on rentals, air fair, cruises, tours, and vacation packages You need to join for an annual membership.

Disney TicketsDisney Tickets

Volunteer Trips

Many older adults have time on our hands and wish to put those hands to good use. If so, think about a volunteer trip that might offer free housing and food in exchange for your help.

Volunteer opportunities make for some of the best senior travel deals. They may take you to far away locations. You might put the skills of your lifetime to use by tutoring, working on computers, environmental work and much more.

You can find volunteer opportunities that involve travel with a Volunteer Opportunity Service.

Global Vision International has volunteer opportunities for seniors over 50. This is an Award Winning Company that focuses on conservation and community development programs.

Working Vacations

Jobs abound for older adults in just about every state and country.

There are plenty of positions on cruise ships for older adults to work part-time and enjoy the cruise on their spare time.

If you are no longer bound by a career, family or other responsibilities, you can work in the chosen location for your travels.

This is a chance to use the skills and knowledge you have already achieved or explore new jobs to expand your knowledge and skills.

Often, this lets you work near other seniors or people of a variety of ages. 

Hotel Deals/Discounts

Large chain hotels give a range of 10% to 15% price reduction at select dates for seniors. The age requirement ranges from 50 to 65.

Hotel BuildingHotel Building


Large chain restaurants offer a variety of discounts ranging from 5% to 25%.

Again the age requirement varies. Sometimes they give a drink or a coffee. 

Brooklyn, NY RestaurantBrooklyn, NY Restaurant